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Cara’s dull life is upturned when she uncovers her family’s secret history—a discovery that comes with a deadly threat from Edmond, alpha leader of the Dark Flock—ghostly human-raven shifters from Irish mythology. As he gets closer to her, they find themselves irresistibly drawn together. Will they risk everything for love or will Edmond give in to his demonic desires?Discover the mystery, the danger, and the forbidden love that awaits these two star-crossed souls.


Dark Flock Saga

Dark Flock Saga
on Kindle Vella

The first book in the Dark Flock Saga is also available on Kindle Vella for those of you who prefer to read one chapter/episode at a time :)


Brianne Kyle is a wife and husband writing team. When we were in high school, we had secret crushes on each other, but neither Brianne nor Kyle had the nerve to ask the other out. Several years later, we reconnected, fell in love, and started writing. We love dreaming up fantasy worlds, debating which supernatural creatures are the hottest, and creating swoony romances with kick-ass heroines who have plenty of figurative and literal demons to slay (or love, or both!).


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